About Us

   Permanent Modular Constructions Ltd (PMCL) is a specialty company offering design and built services of residential and commercial buildings across the world. Headquartered in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia Canada with its subsidiaries and group companies across the U.S, Europe, Africa, UAE & Asia PMCL is a leader in implementing the shift in building manufacturing practices around the globe. Presenting the world with green building materials and next generation building practices PMCL is committed to reduce the dependency on RCC & Wood frames and propagating dry construction lowering the carbon foot print and better environmental sustainability around the world.

   In India we are PMC Structures Pvt Ltd (PMCSPL) at PMCSPL we are redefining the construction methodology where the norm of the industry is RCC we are the world leaders in propagating dry construction technology eliminating the challenges due to RCC, resulting developers and house owners shifting to alternate methodology of factory made engineered buildings thus giving huge scope for Permanent Modular Construction in India. India where more than half of the population wants a house of their own,  we at PMCSPL present housing solution for all the segment whether it is low cost housing, smart cities, next-gencities, premium villas  whether it is horizontal living or vertical living, PMCSPL has introduced superior manufacturing techniques and practices from its parent company for faster turnaround, completion & delivery of structures eliminating the speculation due to time lag aspect effecting the industry, enabling in arresting price escalations, offering effective houses to the country. PMCSPL is the only company in the country that has complete EPC facility as well as multiple point of manufacturing facility across the country catering to the rural and urban building demand of young India making PMCSPL a leader in the Permanent Modular Construction space in India.